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Overview Edit

Video editing is the process of taking video images and manipulating (editing) them. This often entails using software and various types of programs to arrange video clips, manipulate time, add effects, and include different sounds. In the context of writing across media, video editing is a way of creating finished videos that strategically and successfully discuss an argument or have desired consequences.

Definition and History Edit

  • 1870: Invention of celluloid film by Thomas Edison and William Dickson to use on their Kinetograph
  • 1900s: First movie with multiple scenes through the use of scissors and take to compile multiple shots.
  • 1916: Color film began to emerge
  • 1924: First film editing machine created (the Moviola)
  • 1934: First person was awarded for film editing on the Oscars
  • 1956: First video tape recorder
  • 1958: New editing method used to edit films with no visible frame
  • 1960: Emergence of editing tables
  • 1961: Video editors are now able to diligently control the video editing through timecodes; film and tapes can now be edited without cutting out segments.
  • 1980s: Emergence of non-linear film editing

Examples Edit

The following is a list of programs used for video editing.

Windows Live Movie Maker (Microsoft)

Pinnacle Studio (Pinnacle Systems)

Pemiere Pro (Adobe)

Vegas Pro (Sony Creative Software)

Apple iMovie (Apple)

Final Cut Pro (Apple)

Wax (Debugmode)

Movie Edit Pro (Magix)

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