Overview: Edit

A tradition is a belief or practice that is followed by a group of people and passed down from generation to generation. A tradition generally holds a symbolic meaning or special significance with its origin. It is generally repeated and can even change and develop over time and use. Traditions can be thousands of years old and significant to a certain culture or religion or it could be brand new and significant to a single person.

National Traditions: Edit

There are a large variety of traditions across all cultures, regions, nations, etc. that hold significance to its followers. National traditions are traditions typically associated with a specific country. One example of a national tradition that many people of the United States of America may be familiar with is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is unique to American people. The Thanksgiving holiday tradition originated around colonial times (1600s) in Plymouth, one of the first settled towns of USA. Pilgrims of Plymouth held a dinner feast to give "thanks" to good harvest. Many families follow traditions that began on the first Thanksgiving, but many families may also have their own traditions on Thanksgiving that they follow each year. For example, a common tradition that began during the first Thanksgiving and has been followed ever since was to hold a feast-like dinner that is surrounded by family and friends. Many Americans continue to follow this tradition when celebrating Thanksgiving. In addition, all the younger children tend to go Black Friday shopping after dinner. This tradition is followed by a larger number of people in the US but originated during recent times.

Religious Traditions: Edit

Some of the most commonly practiced traditions are religious traditions. These usually come from histories spanning hundreds of years. One very common one would be putting up and decorating a Christmas tree. Another tradition regarding Christmas would be setting up a manger scene. A tradition for the Jewish holiday Hanukkah would be having a menorah. A tradition for the Muslim holiday of Eid is fasting from sun up to sun down. Religious traditions are often the most widely followed traditions around the world.

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