A New Chart of History was created by Joseph Priestly in 1769 as a supplement to Lectures on History and General Policy. This was revolutionary as it displays Priestly's belief that the entire world's history was significant rather than a purely Eurocentric history.

The chart is organized in by country, year, and empire. Along the bottom of the chart there is a timeline beginning in 1,000 BC and ending in 1700. Along the right side of the chart countries have been divided into sections vertically, with a more Eurocentric point of view, with the inclusion of the other continents. There is a focus on the large 'power' countries, like China and India. Moving from the right to the left you are able to follow the country backwards through time and see which empire it was a part of.

The color, size and font contribute to the overall effectiveness of this revolutionary infographic. It is a very complicated infographic that originally came with a book with a more in depth explanation of each section on the chart. The colors are used to show the different empires, the size of the color blocks represent the power that each empire had and finally the font is of a more elegant type, which is more reminiscent (but at the time was probably the standard). The font is also difficult to read from afar and is not very attractive at first glance.